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8 يوليو 2021

European demand driving Dubai real estate’s upward trajectory

Dubai’s residential property market continues on its recovery path with prices increasing by 2.1 percent in June, reaching AED924 per sq ft ($251.6), the highest they’ve been in two years, according to the latest report by regional real estate intelligence platform Property Monitor. Since bottoming out in November 2020, property prices have risen by 12.7 percent, although recovery is still uneven across […]
7 يوليو 2021

Villa prices go up as high as 10.3% in Dubai’s prime areas

Dubai villa prices sustained an upward trend during the second quarter of 2021 as end-users and investors flocked to strike deals for ready-to-move properties, latest data shows. Villas, which represent 13 per cent of the residential market in Dubai, spearheaded growth with a quarterly increase of seven per cent and an annual expansion of 6.3 per cent. “Up to 10.3 […]
5 يوليو 2021

UAE: Did you know that ‘yields’ and ‘returns’ (ROI) have slightly different meanings when investing in real estate? Let’s find out!

Dubai: Smart investors understand that investing in real estate is the best way to make a good passive income. It’s a great medium to put your money to work, making financial gains. Investing in the property market in the UAE, in particular, is considered a lucrative investment destination, as the place generates high rental yields when compared to several other […]
28 يونيو 2021

Dubai real estate back in demand; prices to go up

The Dubai real estate market is gaining momentum as the emirate emerges from a Covid-19 induced slowdown and will stage a strong rebound in second half due to stimulus packages, visa reforms and strong demand from end-users and investors, experts say. Leading developers, executives and analysts said residential segment has already bottomed out and offers good opportunities for developers on […]
22 يونيو 2021

How much money can I make investing in UAE real estate? Let’s find out how to calculate profits

Dubai: Investors from across the globe looking to invest in real estate see the UAE as one of the most lucrative of destinations. The property market has grown its attractiveness both among the new and seasoned investors. The place offers higher profits on your investment, otherwise known as return on investment or ROI, compared to several established global property markets, […]
13 يونيو 2021

Dubai property booms as wealthy buyers seek luxury homes

Dubai: Dubai’s property market is powering out of a six-year malaise as “lockdown dodgers” and wealthy international investors drive a buying frenzy that is breaking records and fuelling an economic recovery. Luxury villas are the hottest segment in the market, with European buyers in particular seeking homes on Dubai’s signature Palm Jumeirah man-made island, as well as golf course estates. Dubai’s […]
13 يونيو 2021

PROJECTS: Booming Dubai property market hits ‘record high’

With property transactions up 34.5 percent year-on-year, the first quarter of 2021 saw Dubai shrug off the cloud of the previous year’s coronavirus impact when property prices slumped to their lowest and get back to buying and selling homes.  Charting the highest number of total residential transactions since 2015, property experts cited the UAE’s handling of the pandemic crisis, support […]
10 يونيو 2021

How valuable are homebuyer reports?

While homebuyer surveys have long been a common practice in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, its uptake is now slowly increasing in the UAE, especially among western expat buyers who understand their benefits
31 مايو 2021

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman record Dh68.6bn of property deals in Q1 amid bounce back

Four out of seven emirates in the UAE recorded Dh68.6 billion ($18.52bn) of real estate transactions in the first quarter of this year, a sign the property market in the Arab world’s second-largest economy is bouncing back from a pandemic driven- slowdown. Property deals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman reflect growing demand, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai recording […]
30 مايو 2021

UAE: Real estate appetite in Dubai is returning. Here’s a mid-2021 property report card

Dubai: The property market in Dubai is showing clear signs of recovery, research from UK-based data analytics and consulting GlobalData showed, with property developers planning new projects. But how does the buying sentiment currently fare in the region? “Dubai’s construction sector is showing tentative signs of a long-awaited recovery,” GlobalData noted. The city’s real estate sector has not been at […]
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