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Asset management strategies, market-leading research and expert insights

When it comes to large and complex investments such as property and land, a trusted strategic advisor is imperative to the success of your venture.

Our asset management strategies are based on market-leading research and expert insights. Our team is equipped with vastly proven experience to ensure that maximum value is unlocked from our clients’ portfolios. Valuable industry affiliates including investors, owners and developers from around the world help us strategically connect our customers with the right partners, paving the way for lucrative outcomes.

Our capital market clients turn to Cavendish Maxwell for comprehensive market reports, strategic advice, cash flow analysis (IRR and NPV modelling), sale and leaseback transactions, as well as sophisticated deal structuring support for forward funding and joint ventures.

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16 May 2021

How useful are International Valuation Standards (IVS) for Gulf real estate markets?

The International Valuation Standards (IVS) are now the basis for valuation standards in well over a hundred countries worldwide, including every major real estate market The Gulf has been no exception in moving decisively towards the adoption of international valuation standards But why is IVS important and how does ...
14 February 2021

The Residential Investor Jigsaw Part Three: Total Returns

The two previous white papers in this series tackled yields and capital values for villas and apartments in the districts of Dubai The task now, made straightforward by the homogeneity of the Property Monitor database, is to put the two sets of data together to calculate total ...
11 October 2020

Retire in the UAE – 2020 Update

How does the UAE, and Dubai particularly, compare to countries such as Australia and Portugal for the purpose of retirement? Find out in this 2020 update on retiring in the UAE ...
24 June 2020

The Residential Investor Jigsaw Part Two: Capital Values

After exploring yields in Part One of our three-part series to analyse total returns, we now look at capital values as a measure that drives investment portfolios ...

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