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Established in the UAE in 2008 we are the largest firm of independent property consultants in the Middle East. A member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and specialises in a wide variety of real estate sectors. Headquartered in Dubai, we offer a wide range of property valuations from residential, commercial and machinery valuations.

Our international experience and local market knowledge enable us to tailor real estate solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries across the region.

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A Tale of Two Markets: Capitalising on Arbitrages through Retrofits

The Dubai real estate market has been on a spectacular bull run with prices reaching an all-time high of AED 1,351/sqft. This represents an appreciation of over 70% from the market trough reached in April 2009 and, more importantly, prices are approximately 10% above the previous peak of September 2014. However, when diving into the granular details, we notice that […]

Natural disasters, resilience and value

The impact of natural disasters Recent adverse weather conditions in the UAE have focused attention on the impact of natural disasters on real estate. This includes impacts associated with climate change, such as flooding caused by changes in precipitation patterns and also the potential impact of rising sea levels, increasing heatwaves and regional droughts. However, the events in the UAE […]

Private equity and real estate in the gulf: Three reasons to be positive

Introduction: Why private equity matters Worldwide, private equity funds closed deals worth $124 billion in just the fourth quarter of 2023. Fully a quarter of all merger and acquisition deals last year involved private equity.[1] As concerns over inflationary headwinds, rising interest rates and general macro uncertainty diminish, markets such as the Gulf have become increasingly attractive. The prospect of […]

Dubai’s hospitality sector market performance in 2023

Setting the Stage for Growth: Demand Dubai Tourism in 2023: Recovery and Resilience Despite global conflicts and recent regional unrest, Dubai’s economy, driven by key sectors, remained steadfast in its recovery. The performance of the tourism sector reflects as much. In 2023, the city welcomed 17.15 million overnight visitors, surpassing its previous high of 16.73 million in 2019 and the […]

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