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One of the largest and most trusted teams in the region, the Residential Valuation department at Cavendish Maxwell is fully accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), offering in-depth and accurate valuation reports across all residential property types in the UAE.

Empanelled by over 40 leading banks, our team is equipped with area-specific specialists, drawing on accurate and up-to-date proprietary data, real estate trends and market fluctuations, to provide fast and precise valuation reports for residential properties throughout the region.

Cavendish Maxwell works closely with a broad portfolio of banks, lenders and private property owners, and is renowned for providing a leading service with the quickest turnaround times in the market.

We provide three different surveys. Read our guide to find out which survey you need.

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24 June 2024

Natural disasters, resilience and value

The impact of natural disasters Recent adverse weather conditions in the UAE have focused attention on the impact of natural disasters on real estate This includes impacts associated with climate change, such as flooding caused by changes in precipitation patterns and also the potential impact of rising sea levels, increasing ...
26 April 2024

Private equity and real estate in the gulf: Three reasons to be positive

Introduction: Why private equity matters Worldwide, private equity funds closed deals worth $124 billion in just the fourth quarter of 2023 Fully a quarter of all merger and acquisition deals last year involved private equity[1] As concerns over inflationary headwinds, rising interest rates and general macro uncertainty diminish, ...
22 June 2023

Does sustainability pay? How is the Gulf integrating global best practice?

Perspectives on sustainability Architects, planners and regulators alike all favour sustainable buildings, each with good reason: to design, shape and order new developments that will benefit the planet and improve the environment The upcoming COP28 Conference in Dubai,[1] and the prioritisation of carbon emission reductions through the circular ...
18 January 2023

How effective is real estate as an inflation hedge? A perspective from the Gulf

GCC Inflation: perception and reality At the beginning of 2023, the consensus perspective is that the global economy is far from out of the inflationary woods yet After a global average of 88% last year, opinions now diverge as to the curve of the downward trajectory this year, ...

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