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5 September 2019

The e-commerce impact: Beyond retail into real estate

We’ve been listening to news of an increasing number of stores announcing closures, citing unviable trading conditions in the face of heated competition from e-commerce and changing preferences of a new demographic The latest retail giant to report trouble is Forever 21, who as of last week was preparing ...
20 August 2019

Robots, Buildings and Investors: Corporate valuation for developers in the new era for real estate

How it’s always been Business valuation has always relied on the triangulation between three different methodologies: discounted cashflow (DCF), comparable analysis, and some form of dividend valuation approach None of them are generally sympathetic to book values which may vary substantially from market reality The first treats the company’s operations ...
10 August 2019

C. Steinweg, Sohar Port, Liwa, Sohar – Sultanate of Oman

Client: Dubai World Trade Centre Location: Oman Project Value: Confidential Purpose: Reinstatement cost assessment Project Background The project involved undertaking reinstatement cost assessments for insurance purposes on a number of different buildings and structures belonging to C Steinweg Oman LLC This ...
9 August 2019

Five Star Hotel – Dubai

Client: Confidential Location: Downtown, Dubai Project Value: Confidential Purpose: Technical due diligence Project Background Our investor client (the prospective purchaser) required us to undertake a technical due diligence survey of an established private luxury resort in the Seychelles to ensure that ...
30 July 2019

Methodologies for forecasting the UAE real estate market

The importance of forecasts Every well-planned real estate investment decision is underpinned by a series of market and site-specific forecasts For a construction project, the most important are almost inevitably the projected sales price and schedule, and construction costs, whilst for an investment, it is future rents, eventual sales price, ...
30 June 2019

The long-run view: demographic trends in the UAE

Real estate markets and demographics What drives real estate prices – sheer numbers or economic weight? Intuitively, all other things being equal, consistently higher rates of growth of resident population in a region or country will drive up real estate prices by comparison to its neighbours and competitors The IMF ...
30 April 2019

Real estate markets and stock markets: two stories, or just one?

Why does it matter? Real estate indices generally exhibit a much smoother and less volatile evolution than listed real estate return performance This is explained by three data measurement issues: the impact of property valuations rather than actual transactions, the aggregation bias of combining ...
17 April 2019

Q1 2019 UAE Property Market Report

The UAE Market Report for Q1 2019 contains key property data and trends for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the northern emirates The report is Cavendish Maxwell’s first comprehensive quarterly report on the health of the UAE’s property market as a whole, covering the residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and retail ...
28 March 2019

Rise of the New Sectoralism

Revitalised sectors: Just over a decade or so ago, real estate developers and investors alike were still planning, modelling and operating with sectoral categories that had changed little over several decades: broad sectors of ‘office’, ‘retail’ and ‘industrial’ The then Investment Property Databank (IPD) indices tracked and benchmarked these broad ...
6 March 2019

Gulf Real Estate: Year in Prospect

Healthy macroeconomics: What ought to distinguish an economic from a purely market perspective on real estate is as close a focus as possible on why market variables are performing the way they are, as a guide to how much they are likely to change in the future The starting point, as ever, ...
13 February 2019

2018 Industrial and Logistics Report

This report offers a comprehensive and unique outlook on Dubai’s overall competitivity as a logistics hub, the infrastructure available, supply and demand, and market sector opportunities for growth and investment The report was compiled by the firm’s in-house Investment and Commercial Agency team, drawing data from its in-depth industry ...
31 January 2019

The Gulf Real Estate Year in Review

A market in perspective: Economists are a sober lot, generally Facts alone do not satisfy us At a macro-economic level, our interests lie predominantly in the relationships between economic indicators, market performance and policy-based decision-making We are generally wary of speculation, preferring to base our analysis on the links between ...
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