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Unparalleled services to our clients throughout the entire property lifecycle

As one of the Middle East’s leading multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancies, the project management team at Cavendish Maxwell provides unmatched value to our clients and their assets throughout the entire property lifecycle, from early planning and construction phases through to management and ongoing project maintenance.

Building pathology and condition surveys are the core remit of a chartered building surveyor. Our in-house teams possess extensive knowledge of construction and building defects, refined through years of experience from hundreds of building condition surveys and complex technical due diligence reports.

The team comprises only highly qualified engineers with extensive international experience across a range of high profile and complex technical assessments, allowing us to offer comprehensive services, unrivalled elsewhere within the region. As one of the few local consultancies to be both RICS and Society of Engineers registered, as well as Dubai Land Department (DLD) and Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) approved, our specialist property inspections and reports comply with the highest local and international standards.


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22 April 2024

Private Equity and Real Estate in the Gulf: Three reasons to be positive

Introduction: Why private equity matters Worldwide, private equity funds closed deals worth $124 billion in just the fourth quarter of 2023 Fully a quarter of all merger and acquisition deals last year involved private equity[1] As concerns over inflationary headwinds, rising interest rates and general macro uncertainty diminish, ...
15 January 2024

A new era for real estate dawns in Oman

The context for Oman’s real estate boom Real estate as an engine for economic growth The importance of the real estate sector in any nation’s economic and social development is no secret For years, construction has been celebrated as a pivotal economic driver, and in recent decades we have seen developed ...
24 October 2023

Valuing luxury real estate in the Gulf

Understanding luxury Luxury is a concept as old as philosophy itself It has stirred debate for centuries From the musings of Plato to modern economic thinkers like Werner Sombart and Thorstein Veblen, interpretations of the concept of luxury may differ, but they all seem to agree that luxury is an ...
22 June 2023

Does sustainability pay? How is the Gulf integrating global best practice?

Perspectives on sustainability Architects, planners and regulators alike all favour sustainable buildings, each with good reason: to design, shape and order new developments that will benefit the planet and improve the environment The upcoming COP28 Conference in Dubai,[1] and the prioritisation of carbon emission reductions through the circular ...

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