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1 February 2021

Vessel – Dubai

Client: Private Company – Vessel Type: Vessel Reason for study: Internal Purposes Completion Date: 2020 Scope of Work: Cargo Vessel
17 February 2020

Aircraft, Abu Dhabi

Client: Private Company – Aircraft Type: Aircraft Reason for study: Loan Security Completion Date: 2018 Scope of Work: Valuation of Airbus A340 and Bombardier Private Jet for Loan Security
22 August 2018

International Airways Operator – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client: International Airways Operator Type: Airport facilities: multiple hangars, airside accommodations, aircraft taxi / manoeuvring land, plus aircraft testing / maintenance facilities Reason for study: Accounting Completion Date: 2018

Other Case Studies

Sharjah-based Government Entity

Client: Sharjah-based Government Entity Type: Land Bank Program Location: Sharjah, UAE Assets Covered: Industrial, Food Trucks, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Commercial Reason for Study: Align the land bank program with the market conditions Completion Date: 2018 Scope of Work: Sharjah Macroeconomic Overview Land price comparable analysis: A comparative analysis of prices and procedures for other similar government programs in the UAE. […]


Client: Private Company – Agricultural Type: Hydroponic Agriculture Agricultural greenhouse that supplies vegetables – mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and baby leaves through their greenhouse modules by hydroponic growing. This is a process in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. Reason for study: Market value valuation for loan security Completion Date: 2020 Scope of Work: Inspection of 10,080 […]

University – Abu Dhabi

Client: University Type: University Reason for study: Loan Security Completion Date: 2018 Scope of Work: Undertaking inspections and valuation of assets for University consisting of 57,500 Assets
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