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The Strategy and Consulting team at Cavendish Maxwell is comprised of some of the region’s most highly qualified data analysts, possessing a wealth of international real estate advisory experience. We work closely with a broad portfolio of banks, property developers, government entities and private clients, providing authoritative, industry-specific research and advice to maximise portfolio performance.

Our expertise spans a variety of sectors including development land, residential, industrial, office, hospitality, education and mixed-use developments, with our team drawing on reliable proprietary data to allow for thorough and accurate analysis of trends and market fluctuations.

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11 November 2021

Lessons from the past, pointers to the future. What impact do Expos have on real estate markets?

The first modern fair was held in Paris just after the French Revolution in 1798, on the site where the Eiffel Tower now stands By 1928 Expos had gained both codification and their own organisation Subsequent Expos have been well-recognised landmarks of human achievement, for example, the New York ...
5 September 2021

Formula One and real estate — a winning team?

There are several potential multiplier effects of hosting a Formula One race on real estate The most obvious one is the effect F1 races and similar events bring on hotel, serviced apartments and short-term let occupancy rates, and therefore valuations Some have referred to the way in which any ...
11 April 2021

How do real estate markets recover from crises?

We should no longer ask how real estate markets recover from political or macroeconomic crises Rather, we should ask how the dynamics of real estate markets themselves operate to create, manage and transfer wealth, frequently at a national or even regional level Read more from our chief economist in his ...
23 March 2021

Rent-to-own: Best practices and the way forward

Worldwide there is evidence that if properly managed, rent-to-own can be a successful way to improve market liquidity, encourage home ownership and contribute to affordable housing in particular, which is the main real estate challenge facing governments in the Gulf Read more in our latest opinion article ...
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