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12 November 2020

Dairy Farm

Client: Dairy Farm Type: This is a type of agri-business involved in the production of milk. The plant processes milk and produces milk products. Reason for study: Market valuation for loan security Completion Date: 2020 Scope of Work: Inspection of mixing and cooling tanks, feed-pumps, freeze rooms and condensers, asset schedule development market analysis and research and report compilation.
12 November 2020


Client: Private Company – Agricultural Type: Hydroponic Agriculture Agricultural greenhouse that supplies vegetables – mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and baby leaves through their greenhouse modules by hydroponic growing. This is a process in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. Reason for study: Market value valuation for loan security Completion Date: 2020 Scope of Work: Inspection of 10,080 […]
17 July 2020

Dairy Farm – Dubai

Client: Private Company – Dairy Farm Type: Dairy Farm Reason for study: Life Assessment Completion Date: 2020 Scope of Work: Dairy Cattle equipment and Dairy production machinery in the form of milking parlour equipment, milk storage tanks, pasteurisers, homogenisers, CIP systems, packing and cartoning systems, chilling and cooling machinery.
17 September 2018

Organic Farm – Dubai

Client: Private Company – Organic Farm Type: Organic Farm Reason for study: Internal Purposes Completion Date: 2018 Scope of Work: Glass Greenhouses, Net houses, Plastic Covered Tunnel Type Greenhouses, Tilling, Seeding and Ploughing Equipment, Tractors, Trailers, Spraying systems, Irrigation and water distribution systems, Loaders.
17 March 2018

Flour production Storage – Dubai

Client: Private Company – Flour production Storage Type: Flour production Storage Reason for study: Loan Security Completion Date: 2018 Scope of Work: The silos and machinery assets are associated with flour production.

Other Case Studies

Oman-based Master Developer

Client: Oman-based Master Developer Type: Market and Feasibility Study Location: Duqm, Oman Assets Covered: Residential, hospitality, retail, and entertainment. Reason for Study: Internal Strategy and Project Phasing

Steel Making – UAE

Client: Private Company – UAE Type: Aluminium smelting and casting facilities Location: UAE Assets Covered: Tilting rotary furnaces, bag houses, salt reclamation plant, enrichment plant, crushing plants, salt cake management, press machines, mobile plant, commercial vehicles, ancillary plant including tanks, compressors and fire suppression system, etc Completion Date: 2020 Scope of Work: Site inspection of two facilities in UAE for […]

Index Tower – Dubai

Client: Confidential Location: Dubai Project Value: Confidential Purpose: Pre acquisition condition survey, fire risk assessment Project Background Our client intended to purchase the property as part of a large real estate transaction and required more detail on the condition of the building and any fire risk or long-term financial issues. Our Services Various part of this project had been stalled, […]
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