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14 January 2020

2019 UAE Property Market Report – A Year in Review

The report assesses the performance of the property market in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates in 2019, with a focus on the last quarter, across residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and industrial sectors.
17 December 2019

Dubai Healthcare Property Market Update 2019-2020

The report explores key themes including an overview on hospitals, clinics and health centres, medical tourism, upcoming projects as well as Dubai’s competitiveness in an international context.
6 November 2019

The Residential Investor Jigsaw Part One: Yields

Wise investors recognise that yields are an important, but not the only, measure that should drive their investment portfolios, which ought to be managed for, and judged by, total return in relation to risk. Significantly for the global market, however, the wave of increasingly elderly baby-boomers, all in need of stable cashflow in retirement, means that yield is acquiring ever […]
29 October 2019

Saadiyat Island: Cavendish Maxwell Special Report

The report provides a macroeconomic and demographic overview of Abu Dhabi and aims to highlight the key differentiators and yield profile for Saadiyat Island as an investment destination.
16 October 2019

Q3 2019 UAE Property Market Report

Real estate market conditions remained similar to the previous quarter as prices and rents continue to soften. However, price declines have brought properties within the reach of many, with transaction volumes increasing and tenants choosing to upgrade to better locations and larger units.
18 September 2019

2019 Saudi Arabia Property Market Report

Cavendish Maxwell’s first Saudi Arabia Property Market Report for 2019 covers key data and overviews into the residential, retail, office and industrial, and hospitality sectors.
31 July 2019

2019 Bahrain Market Report and Review of 2018

Following the oil price decline of 2014, Bahrain has undertaken several reforms and diversification efforts to return to fiscal stability. Against this backdrop, our first Bahrain Property Market Report for 2018-2019 covers key data and overviews into the residential, retail, office and industrial, and hospitality sectors.
17 July 2019

Q2 2019 UAE Property Market Report

Real estate market conditions remained challenging in Q2 2019, with prices continuing to decline, albeit at a slower pace in some communities. Supply remains the primary driver for price declines, and developers continue to offer attractive payment options with the aim of turning tenants into owner-occupiers.
20 June 2019

Currency Adjusted Real Estate Indices

Cavendish Maxwell has sought to improve investor understanding of returns in the UAE market for international investors by presenting them in local currencies. The resultant Currency Adjusted Real Estate indices enable instantaneous comparison of returns.
29 May 2019

2019 Kuwait Property Market Report

Our first full report on Kuwait’s property market highlights that whilst the country’s economy is still largely driven by oil, other sectors, such as retail, showed robust performance.
17 April 2019

Q1 2019 UAE Property Market Report

The firm’s first comprehensive quarterly report on the health of the UAE’s property market as a whole, covering the residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and retail sectors.
24 March 2019

Brexit and Gulf Real Estate

Will Brexit have an impact on Gulf real estate markets? Or is it – as many in the UAE perhaps believe – a case of a faraway problem with which Gulf governments and local investors need have no concern?
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