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Brexit and Gulf Real Estate

Will Brexit have an impact on Gulf real estate markets? Or is it – as many in the UAE perhaps believe – a case of a faraway problem with which Gulf governments and local investors need have no concern?

Gulf Real Estate: Year in Prospect

Healthy macroeconomics: What ought to distinguish an economic from a purely market perspective on real estate is as close a focus as possible on why market variables are performing the way they are, as a guide to how much they are likely to change in the future. The starting point, as ever, is macroeconomics. Studies in OECD countries, which now date back […]

2018 Industrial and Logistics Report

This report offers a comprehensive and unique outlook on Dubai’s overall competitivity as a logistics hub, the infrastructure available, supply and demand, and market sector opportunities for growth and investment. The report was compiled by the firm’s in-house Investment and Commercial Agency team, drawing data from its in-depth industry knowledge, in collaboration with its extensive client and partner portfolio.

2018 Oman Property Market Report

Market-leading real estate consultancy and chartered surveying firm, Cavendish Maxwell, has released its Oman Market Report for 2018. This marks the second comprehensive report on the health of Oman’s real estate industry, covering the residential, office, industrial, retail and hospitality sectors within the industry. The unique, in-depth market report was compiled by the firm’s in-house strategic consulting and research team, […]

The Gulf Real Estate Year in Review

A market in perspective: Economists are a sober lot, generally. Facts alone do not satisfy us. At a macro-economic level, our interests lie predominantly in the relationships between economic indicators, market performance and policy-based decision-making. We are generally wary of speculation, preferring to base our analysis on the links between economic data wherever possible. Identifying the reasons behind the performance […]

2018 Abu Dhabi Property Market Report

This comprehensive report offers key insights on the health of Abu Dhabi’s real estate industry, covering the residential, office, retail and hospitality sectors within the market.

2018 Dubai Property Market Report

Rental and sales indices for Dubai’s real estate market in 2018 revealedReport offers key insights into trends in the residential, office, retail and hospitality sectorsThe firm casts […]

Perfect Time to Buy?

Property Monitor’s Moe Abeidat discusses buying property in Dubai and the factors that influence purchasing decisions. One thing that stood out, amidst our last sprint to publish Cavendish Maxwell and Property Monitor’s Q3 2018 Residential Market Report for Dubai, is how today’s average prices for a villa/ townhouse and apartment, $517,000 and $327,000 respectively, are approximately the same as in […]

Q3 2018 Abu Dhabi Market Report

Our Abu Dhabi Q3 2018 market report provides a summary of the Abu Dhabi residential market. Price and rent movement and upcoming supply of residential properties are provided through Property Monitor, a real estate intelligence platform, powered by Cavendish Maxwell.

Q3 2018 Dubai Market Report

This report provides a summary of the residential market activity and highlights price movement, rent and yield statistics, residential transactions and upcoming supply of residential properties. The data is provided by Property Monitor, a real estate intelligence platform. The report also includes the recent Property Monitor Residential Survey for Q3 2018, with a summary of market sentiment for Q4 2018 […]

Further Lessons from Tragedy

Cavendish Maxwell’s Craig Ross discusses developments in fire safety standards in the UK and UAE. Following my article in August 2017 on the subject of building fires in Dubai, and following the Grenfell fire tragedy in the UK, there have been several interesting developments in both the UK and the UAE, in terms of fire safety standards. While the Grenfell enquiry […]

Dubai Industrial and Logistics Market 2018 Mid Year Review

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